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How Classic Checkering does business.

I have been checkering gunstocks since 1972. Classic Checkering is a premier checkering service, and will continue to create masterpieces for our customers!

Classic Checkering was founded in 2004, after a long career in Gunsmithing.  During my time as a Gunsmith, I began to miss working with gun stocks and checkering. Presently I checker gun stocks five days a week.  

This is definitely a niche market in todays high profile synthetic market. I keep the tradition alive through my Old World Craftsmanship of checkering some of the finest stocks in the Country!


Classic Checkering utilizes the finest hand tooling and sharpened in shop.  All tooling that is required to checker is in-house, no need in outsourcing here!



All stocks are secured into a custom made checkering cradle that not only protects the stock from damage during the checkering process, but also the ability to rotate the stock on specifically to maintain the best ergonomics for cutting straight lines on curves of a gunstock.

Classic Checkering Products:

Classic Checkering works with all grades of stocks.  Of course every stock is unique and checkers a little different. 

Ensure you ask any questions you may have in regards as to what you should expect from your stock! 

Highly Detailed 

All of the checkering I do is done under the most detailed lighting affect to eliminate any and all shadows.  This is critical to ensuring every stage of checkering is consistent from start to finish!  I also utilize magnification to ensure all the work is cutting true, and the end product speaks for itself.  Please  check out our gallery of work!


Checkering always Stained and Sealed

Once your stock has been checkered, the checkering must be sealed. Some customers like some contrast in color, and some want a natural finish to match the stock color.  This is what makes the stock stand out for the customer!  Ensure you specify which in the quote detail area.